Beth Yeshua is a Messiah-centered,
Spirit-Empowered, Disciple-Making Community


Therefore, go and make people from all nations into talmidim, immersing them into the reality of the Father, the Son and the Ruach HaKodesh,  and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.
-Matthew 28:19- (CJB) 

Beth Yeshua Argentina

Beth Yeshua Argentina, started in 2014 under The Awakening Place Ministries. In that year, Senior Pastor and Moreh Ely Hernandez, met with Pastor Benavidez  and out of that relationship Beth Yeshua Argentina was birthed.

Pastor Benavidez serves as the overseer of the Beth Yeshua congregations in Argentina. He is ordained by Beth Yeshua Inc, and served as Regional Director for South America.

Beth Yeshua Argentina is currently opening many different home-groups throughout the country, under the supervision of Pastor Benavidez. Beth Yeshua Argentina also broadcast every teaching from Senior Pastor and Moreh Ely Hernandez to different radio stations throughout the nation.

BYA (Beth Yeshua Argentina) is committed to the call of making disciples of every citizen in Argentina.

Beth Yeshua Venezuela

Beth Yeshua Venezuela started in 2016 under The Awakening Place Ministries. In that year Senior Pastor and Moreh Ely Hernandez, met with Sister Iris, who happens to have a unquenchable passion for ministry and the study of scriptures from a Hebraic perspective.

Moreh Ely Hernandez was asked to be an apostolic voice to the new Messianic Assembly of Venezuela, under the leadership of Elder Iris. After years in preparation under the supervision of Moreh Ely Hernandez, and a proper education from our Yeshiva Institute, Beth Yeshua Venezuela Started.

Beth Yeshua Ministries in Rhode Island, supports Beth Yeshua Venezuela.

Beth Yeshua Houston

Born in the city of Cali, Colombia, Pastor John Tafhurt with 30 years in the city of Houston, married to Gaby Tafhurt; Originally from the city of Puebla (Mexico). Together they form a beautiful family with 4 daughters; of which two are already happily married.

Pastor John, after a season of living abroad in a country where very few know about Christ, (China) returns home; in the United States with a desire to undertake his work as a student of the scriptures.
With the passage of time, the desire to teach grew and once he was trained, he saw teaching as his great passion; Because of this, he began sharing with a small group of friends what he had learned.

After completing his studies at the YESHIVA BET NAVI, belonging to Beth Yeshua in the state of Rhode Island; Pastor John starts to seek direction about how, and when will he begin to open up a congregation in the great city of Houston. After some time, and much dialogue with Senior Pastor and Moreh Ely Hernandez, they both get ordained to the Pastoral Ministry, thus beginning their pastoral journey together. It was at after this journey that Beth Yeshua Houston was born.