The Malkitzadik Priesthood

Moreh Ely Hernandez

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September 1, 2020


The Malkitzadik Priesthood

The Malkitzadik Priesthood

The Premises of the Ancient Priesthood and the Priestly Debate

For two Millenniums there has existed a debate within the classrooms of our biblical studies. From the temple in the days of Yeshua, to the Synagogues in the XXI Century. A similar debate took place in the Second Century BCE. This debate was for the rights to the Priestley office in the Second Temple in Jerusalem.
The debate and war among the nation to occupy this office was such that we see throughout history, how this passed on from generation to generation, to distinct families including even, the people who had no right legally in the Torah of said department. From the sons of Aaron, to the Sons of Tzadok. From the sons of Tzadok, to the Maccabees. From the Maccabees to the Hellenistic priest.
This debate continues to be a subject of discussion in many in many Jewish circles today, overlooking that this topic was already concluded and determined according to the Book of Hebrews. “And the psalmist points this out when he says of Christ, “You are a priest forever with the rank of Melchizedek.”” - HEBREWS 7:1

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